Integrated PTZ and Pressurized Camera Systems – Esprit SE.

The all-new Esprit SE provides high-quality video in any direction, including 36 degrees above horizontal. The camera can operate in wind speeds up to 90 mph and can withstand wind speeds of up to 130 mph. It is also less susceptible to vibration than PTZ dome cameras. And unlike a dome camera, Esprit SE is an overt video security presence, providing a greater criminal deterrenc.

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Integrated PTZ and Pressurized Camera Systems – Esprit SE
Image Size
1/4 -inch CCD
Scanning System
Progressive or 2:1 interlace
F/1.4 (f=3.3 ~ 119 mm optical
Horizontal Resolution
>540 TVL
36X optical, 12X digital
Zoom Speed
3.2/4.6/6.6 seconds
Horizontal Angle of View
57.2° at 3.3 mm wide zoom; 1.7° at 119 mm
telephoto zoom
Automatic with manual override
Synchronization System
Internal/AC line lock that is phase adjustable via remote control, V-sync
White Balance
Automatic with manual override
Iris Control
Automatic with manual override
Gain Control
Video Output
1 volt peak-to-peak, 75 ohms
Video Signal to Noise
>50 dB
Electronic Image Stabilization
Wide Dynamic Range
Power Transfer Module
Integral part of the pan and tilt mounting
Voltage Input
24, 120, or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz; switch selectable 120VAC or 230VAC inputs
Input Voltage Range
Operating Temperatures
–45° to 50°C (–50° to 122°F) sustained;  60°C (140°F) maximum
Operating Environment
Will remain operational in 145 kph (90 mph) wind conditions; withstands 209 kph (130 mph)
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